Haku Lei with Paper Flowers

Hi! Everyone,

I recently posted a new YouTube on using the new larger paper flowers and paper leaves to make a wearable haku lei. It can also be used as a floral hat band. You'll see on the video clip that it's quite easy to do, just a bit of wire twisting, using just your hands -- no tools required! These haku are quite realistic in appearance, but they have the advantage of being very light in weight, they're not wet since you don't need to spritz them with water to keep them fresh, and they will last many years for many occasions! The video link is in the sidebar on the left under "Video Tutorials". Here's a close-up of the lei:

The new larger roses come in 2 sizes and 11 different colors. Large roses are approximately 1.25" in diameter and the medium roses are approximately 1" in diameter. The new plum blossoms are also approximately 1.25" in diameter. You will find these listed at www.allnaturalaccents.com under the "New Paper Flowers" tab.