Happy Mother's Day

Hi! Everyone,

Recently, I've been helping to take care of my mother. She has been recovering from a mild stroke six weeks ago. We're all so grateful that she's doing great and pretty much back to her old self.

Time is precious, so don't forget that this Sunday is Mother's Day! Here's some very cute Mother's Day Paper Bag Pocket Cards that Cindy made. The paper flowers along the picket fence are from our All Natural Accents line.

Here's the Honu Straw Lei that I made with our WikiCAPS die:

I only needed 2 sheets of cardstock to make this lei.
(1). I cut each 12"x12" sheet into 2" strips, and then each strip into 2.25" lengths (so I end up with 5 pieces of 2.25"x2" from each strip). You'll end up with 30 pieces of each color. Separate each color into two piles of 15 pieces each.
(2). To save cutting time on the BigShot, I cut out the larger size of the outline honu in the dark blue and the larger size of the background honu in the light blue at the same time. Do this 15 times and then switch the colors on the die.
(3). Then just glue your honu pieces together. I used the quilling glue bottle with the very fine tip. It dispenses just the right amount of glue, so the project isn't messy. This glue bottle is available on my website under the "2013 Mini Calendars / Misc.)
(4). I pre-punched a 1/8" circle hole into the middle of each honu, then cut each straw into 6 pieces. (I only needed 5 straws.) I used dental floss instead of thread for added strength. The exact same procedure was used for the Sakura Straw Lei that I showed earlier.